Electrical Services for Additions and Remodels

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Whether you're gutting your kitchen, upgrading your bathroom, or adding another story, you need a new electrical system to match your new home.

Palm Beach Electric Inc. provides professional electrical design and installation services on home addition and remodeling projects of all types and sizes.

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Home Remodeling Electrical Services

When you're planning to upgrade your home, you need to upgrade your electrical system too. Palm Beach Electric Inc. is the seasoned, honest electrical contractor that provides family-like customer service for each and every client.

Allow us to assist you in perfecting your home remodeling or addition plans. We'll create and install a brand-new wiring system that will power up your home properly and safely for years to come.

Electrical Design Services

Residential and commercial property owners about to embark upon a renovation or addition project come to us for our electrical design expertise. We employ a diligent, systematic approach to our design process to make sure we account for every detail, big and small.

We'll sit down with you to go over your project blueprints step-by-step. Our priority is to ensure that your electrical wiring layout is safe, sound, and up to code. If you're planning an addition or extensive remodel on an older home, it's crucial to evaluate the capacity of your existing electrical panel. Sometimes, in older homes, the panel can't handle an increased load from new devices and square footage. In this scenario, we'll need to upgrade your panel first before we can move forward with the desired additions.

No-Obligation Consultations for Your Electrical Upgrades

When we know the additional electrical load can safely be incorporated in your building, we'll get down to the smaller details. For example, we want to make sure that everything is well-placed for your convenience. Choose with us where you want your light fixtures, power outlets, and switches placed.

Finally, with our detailed wiring plans, we offer detailed cost estimates. We'll make sure to accurately quote the work for you in a full, written breakdown of all charges. That way, you can budget accordingly.

Electrical Installation

When your electrical design is complete, we'll get to work installing it for you. Our company maintains flexible scheduling options because we recognize construction projects are often a deadline-driven affair. We seek to be as courteous as possible by offering you convenient service times.

Rest assured, we're accustomed to working alongside other tradespeople on-site. We'll keep our workstation neat and tidy for minimal disturbance and disruption to the rest of your crew.

Customer-Centric Electrical Contractors

Our company is a fully licensed, insured, and bonded team of electrical contractors. We specialize in home addition electrical services and maintain the very highest industry standards for excellence. Our entire staff is dedicated to finding you cost-effective electrical solutions that don't skimp on quality.

If you're not completely satisfied with the quality, efficiency, and affordability of our services, neither are we.

Electrical Remodeling Made Easy

Your remodeling or home addition project just got easier. Palm Beach Electric Inc. provides comprehensive electrical services for home renovation projects of all scopes and sizes.

Get in touch with our certified technicians today. We look forward to hearing from you.